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Monday 6 May 2013

Arbre du Printemps

I couldn't resist this lovely free design by Jardin Prive which can be found here
I used a natural 28count linen with the DMC threads that the pattern advised.  I love the happy spring feel to this charming design.

I tried a new finish with some lace trim and am quite pleased with how it has turned out.

This is the front with the smaller stitched piece finished separately and trimmed with the lace then stitched on to the larger pinkeep.

The side view showing ric rac trim.

Thanks for looking.

Thursday 25 April 2013

Jolle Fleur

This is a little set that I stitched back in 2009 which were free designs from here I think it is so cute and loved stitching it but it got put in my hobby bucket along with several other stitches that are waiting to be made up and this last week I decided to get some completed and this was the first one out.

Here is the pin keep with a needle case and a little cushion. This was the first time I have tried ruching the ribbon around the edges and I think it looks lovely done this way.

I have used a lovely burgundy silk to back the pin keep and cushion and also line the needle case.

Here is the back of the pin keep with a pocket to hold scissors etc.

The back of the needle case with the date I made it. It is all stitched on 40 ct linen using DMC threads the main one being 814.
Although I have not posted for a while I have still been very busy knitting and crocheting but am getting into my stitching again now.

Wednesday 7 March 2012

Rainbows and hearts for Charlotte

Visitors to my blog must wonder why I have not posted recently after saying that I am now  back to normal, well I thought I was and that maybe it was just nerves making me feel faint and afraid to go out by myself or even be left on my own.   I was sure I could conquer those horrible feelings of passing out which would  sometimes knock me to the floor but alas it was not nerves and I had to have a pacemaker fitted urgently as my heart was pausing and beating too slow, I am pleased to say it was very successful and I felt better as soon as I got back to the ward after the op.
I continue to feel so well, I went shopping on my own yesterday and I can't tell you how wonderful it felt to be independent once more.
Enough about that its something I must put behind me after 2 years of suffering those awful fainting sensations, I am now so happy.

I am going to South Africa on 20th March to visit my daughter, I went last year but I was not well at all during my visit so I am looking forward to going now that I can walk around, breath properly and not feel that I am passing out. Its great!

I have been relaxing with my crochet and have made this lovely rainbow afghan for my little grand daughter Charlotte my daughter Sarah and I both made one each for the girls, Sarah made hers for Amy and crocheted the edge in purple which is Amy's favourite colour and mine is pink edging which is Charlotte's favourite colour.

It really is a very girly afghan with  all those lovely hearts and it was a pleasure to crochet.

The original design did not have a border but Sarah and I thought it looked nice and Charlotte and Amy would know whose was whose by the colour of the border.

I hope you will still be visiting my blog as I look forward to your comments they really do get appreciated.

Here is a link to the free pattern
 Take care

Wednesday 12 October 2011

Giveaway Winners!

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway for the crochet pincushions I really appreciate all your kind comments.

I have visited Random.org and the first winner is comment number 26 - KATHY H

The second winner is comment number 5 - ANN SHAVER

Congratulations ladies.  Please could you contact me at moreenhincks@btinternet.com with your address details and I will pop the pincushions in the post to you.

Take care

Friday 30 September 2011

Giveaway Pincushion

I have not had a giveaway before but to celebrate my return to blogging  I am giving away two of these pretty pumpkin pincushions.

I love these little pincushions as you can tell by how many I  have crocheted.

They are crocheted in Sirdar Calico DK which is 60% cotton but the look is like a soft chenille and such pretty colours.

If you would like to recieve one of these pincushions just leave your comment on this post, anyone is welcome to take part just leave your details if you don't have a blog.  The two winners will be drawn on 12th October and will be named soon after.  I hope many of you will join in.
The pincushions are designed by Lisolotte and they can be found here they have also been translated to English here.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you like the pincushions and will join in the giveaway.

Take care

Wednesday 21 September 2011


I saw this pincushion on ravelry and fell inlove with it I just had to crochet it.
I have got numerous patterns for crochet pincushions and I want to make them all, they look so cute.
It was a little tricky to put together but the end result was worth it.
This next little pumpkin pincushion is a free design here .
It really is a joy to crochet because it is such an easy little pattern to follow
As you can guess there will be more pincushions to post later I hope you like seeing these.
Take care

Saturday 17 September 2011

Baby crochet

As you can see I have really got the crochet bug and I love it.  I have already posted the blue baby afghan in my last post and I liked it so much I decided to crochet it in pink also.

For the little bottees I adapted the pattern and crocheted the tops in the same pattern as the edging on
the afghan. I thought they were so sweet and made a lovely little set.
My friend is expecting a baby girl so she will have the pink one.

I have loved crocheting again and had forgotten how relaxing it can be.

I 've lost count of the many things I have crocheted over the years for myself the children and also for the rest of my family. 
The only things I have crocheted are doyllies I do like to have nice lacy doyllies I know they are a little old fashioned these days but I love them.

I have got more crochet to show you but I will leave that for my next post.

I hope you like my baby crochet and thank you for visiting I hope you will return soon.
Take care

Saturday 13 August 2011

Blogging again

I am sorry to have been absent from blogging for such a long time. We decided to make some changes at home and it was longer than we expected, it was well worth it in the end, a bit of plastering here and there painting ,decorating, new carpets, furniture etc that sort of thing.
Then I had some health issues which took away my enthusiasm to do very much in the way of crafting and I thought I would never get my mojo back but thanks to my daughter Sarah who encouraged me to crochet  I have made these throws and have really enjoyed crocheting again I found it very relaxing.
This first throw is a freebie from Attic 24.

This granny square throw is a vintage pattern from a magazine that I bought in the 70s and Sarah and I found it pictured in the Molly Makes magazine I made the smaller version for Sarah when she was a baby and could not resist doing this one again. If you visit Sarahs blog on the link above you can see her lovely work plus she has posted the pattern for this throw.
You will notice that both throws are done in the same colours to match each other.

Here is a photo of them all together the small one is a sweet little afghan I crocheted for a friend who is expecting her baby at Xmas it is a free design here
This was a very quick and easy  little afghan and I really enjoyed crocheting it.

I have managed to do some cross stitch during my absence but have not finished them into anything yet but I can feel my mojo returning at last and am happy to be almost back to normal thank for visiting and please come back soon. Take care.

Thursday 5 August 2010

Forget me not

I finished this little set a while ago but have just got around to taking the photos.

I added a crystal bluebird to the pinkeep.
I loved the Design so much that after I finished the pinkeep I decided to add these little extras.
I made this little box using the instructions from Judy O Dells Flatfold and Friends book.
It is all hand sewn and  lined  with Blue Dupion silk I added another forget me not in a little silver antique jewellery frame,and as a finishing touch I added the silver lock and key charms. 

Here is the inside of the box with the scissor fob.

This is the back of the scissor fob with my initials sewn one over one.

Lastly this is the side view of the pinkeep showing the ribbon I used which matches the scissor fob.

I stitched it all on 32ct  antique white linen and used the threads recommended by Dany.
You can get her charts here
Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your comments I really appreciate it.

Thursday 22 July 2010

Fee Initial M

I have made this darling little fee initial into a small lined draw string bag using 28ct white linen and DMC thread 3740.
The chart is from another one of my Marabout books called Fees by Agnes Delage-Calvert and Anne Sohier- Fournel.

I made another little pincushion in the same fabric which I thought matched the DMC 3740 perfectly, I love adding these little accessories to give a finishing touch.
I also made the scissor fob  it's  one of many that I 've made and this one went well with the bag and pin cushion.

The dainty white fabric on the back of the bag is the same as the lining and also the back of the pincushion.
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your very welcome comments I appreciate them so much they really make me happy.

Thursday 17 June 2010

Petit Chat

Another finish  - Tralala free Petite Chat, I decided to stitch it in DMC black on this 32ct Natural linen which I think is a lovely contrast but I didn't realise it would be so difficult to match a fabric for the back so I have used the natural linen and embellished it with a scissor pocket and some hearts taken from the chart.

I used a very narrow black ric rac on the sides of the pinkeep.   I like the look of the narrow edging.

I then got carried away and made a scissor fob and a pincushion to finish it as a set.

I must say I am really pleased with how it has turned out.
Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you like my little black cat.

Friday 28 May 2010

French Angel

A pretty angel from the red book made into a little pincushion and trimmed with beads.

It is stitched  on 32ct antique white linen with thread DMC 815.  I have used Mill Hill beads and stitched a double row of 4 sided stitch around the edges in DMC blanc.
This is the back of the cushion.

I love this little french angel and have stitched her several times which I will post as soon as I have decided on a finish.
Hope you enjoyed visiting my blog and will join me again soon.


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