"" Moments with Moreen: July 2007

Thursday, 26 July 2007

At last

I have actually got around to doing some blogging today, I seem to have been kept very busy lately but not really doing much, I don't know where the time goes.
I have been doing some crochet, I wanted to make some flowers as they seem to be popular at the moment, I love crochet and have done it for years doylies baby clothes dresses and jackets for myself when I was younger,and also crochet dresses for Sarah when she was little so I had to give the flowers a go. Here is a close up of one

and these are the ones I made last night.

I have got myself a new camera its a Canon 400D I am really excited about it but have not used it yet. I have not read up about it, I am sure I will love using it when I know a bit more about it.
I have also got a new addition to my scrap room which I am really thrilled with, its a clip it up and it is fab, I can see all my stickers alphas etc at a glance so much easier than scrabbling through a drawer and messing every thing up. I love it.

It was Sarah and Marks wedding anniversary on the 24th July and here is a card I made for them.

I have not done much paper crafting lately and I feel quite ashamed considering the amount of stash I have. Since I was unwell a couple of weeks ago I haven't seemed to get back into it but I'm hoping my mojo will return soon.

Friday, 13 July 2007

Happy Homecoming

Well the weather hasn't got any better here since I last blogged, It would have been nice to have had some sunshine this morning to meet the HMS Ocean on her return to Devonport where Sarah Ben Charlotte and myself went to welcome home Mark Sarah's husband (my son in law). Ben and Charlotte were so excited to be meeting Daddy off the big ship but I am afraid we got a soaking in the rain while we waited for the Ocean to pull up along side, it was quite a long wait and I think the children thought they were never going to see Daddy and at one stage Charlotte was crying for her Daddy and Sarah had to console her that daddy would be here soon

I was so happy to have been invited to share this special day with them.
Charlotte and Ben were so glad to have their Daddy with them, and it goes without saying that Sarah was very happy.
Mark took us on board and showed us where he had been living for the last 3 months.
All in all it was worth the wait and the rain, it turned out to be a lovely memorable day.
Here are some pics of the Ocean arriving, they are not brilliant as it was really wet and there was a crowd of 500 people there but they are a nice reminder for me.

There is a very happy family across the road.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

New layout

It's Sunday and it has not stopped raining so what with the weather being so bad and the fact that the family all seem to be poorly with colds and flu like symptons there has not been anything exciting happening here at the moment.
I went over the road to Sarah's last night and we had our own little crop where we started to make our journals to join scrapdolly's project, All MY OWN WORK. Sarah did wonderful and her journal is gorgeous I got my covers made but am not sure about the patterned paper I have used so I am going to give it a bit more thought before I carry on.
I did at least manage this LO of Sarah and Charlotte when she was a baby, it is 11x81/2 and its the first time I have done a LO in that size and I must say I really enjoyed doing it.

I think I am going to do more in this size, but for now I am going to have another go at my Journal for Karen's project.


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