"" Moments with Moreen: May 2007

Sunday, 27 May 2007


Well its bank holiday and typical weather when the children are on half term, I really hope it gets better as Sarah and I are planning to take the children out for the day on Tuesday.

I had a birthday on the 21 May and had lots of visitors, my son Roy visited me in the morning with a card and present, then my daughters Carol & Sarah arrived they nearly always visit me for the day on my birthday and mothers day and I always look forward to them coming it is one of the highlights on special days to have them share them with me,when Sarah was living in Mullion last year it just wasn't the same but it was lovely still to have Carol with me so I consider myself very blessed to have such wonderful daughters. My daughter Debra rang me from South Africa to wish me happy birthday.

I had a wonderful surprise later in the day when my Mother and sister arrived it was so good to see them and especially that my sister came as it was her birthday also, she is not my twin she is my younger sister born on my birthday and I can't remember the last time we spent a birthday together. I had lots of presents and flowers from Geoff: and among my presents were these gorgeous handmade gifts from Carol and Sarah which I absolutely love I am so proud to have such gifted daughters this is the Bourse that Carol stitched for me.

and when it is opened out it says the best gifts are tied with heart strings with little pink heart treasures sewn on each side and these are what Sarah made a beautiful card a Maze book of all the little cute things to remember about Ben and Charlotte and the bag she made to put it in

It was a lovely birthday.

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Shopping with Ben

I promised to take my grandson Ben into Plymouth on the bus one day so yesterday I met him from school he was surprised to see me and excited when I said we would get a bus and go shopping. He loved it on the bus as he usually goes in the car and was very interested in the baby that was on the bus and asked me if I could get one lol.

We didn't have a lot of time, I had to go to the bank and then we went to Woolworths where Ben bought some sweets with the his pocket money and I was very impressed that he also bought some for his sister Charlotte.

After going to his favourite shop Disney we didn't have a lot of time left as Grandad was meeting us at 6 o'clock and we had to get to Macdonalds for our tea before then, but he was very happy with his purchases from Disney that Nanny bought him as you can see here.
We also went to the Build a Bear shop but it was only a fleeting visit as it was almost closing time Ben loved this bear in the photograph with him so we decided we would visit Build a Bear another day and go and get our Macdonalds before it was too late and Grandad would be waiting for us.
All in all we had a great time and went home with promises of doing it again soon.

It was lovely to have him on his own he was so well behaved I was proud of him.

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Just a little about me

Well it has turned out to be a lovely sunny day here in Plymouth I have just popped across the road to see my daughter Sarah and my two youngest grandchidren Ben & Charlotte, it was good to see them having fun in the garden, hope the weather has decided to stay warm for a while.
I have two other daughters Carol and Debra and a son Roy. Carol also lives in Plymouth but Debra lives in Capetown South Africa something I found very hard to come to terms with but she loves it in South Africa and comes back home quite often to visit, one day I hope to visit her. My son Roy lives in Callington Cornwall and I see him often.
Carol is married to Colin and they have two sons Jason & Matthew. Jason since finishing his Degree and Post Grad at Cardiff University now works as a review editor on a music magazine in London. Matthew who has hopefully decided he will go to University after all is also very clever.
Roy is married to Theresa and they have two daughters Laura & Kimberely who both attend Plymouth High School and are doing very well.
Sarah my youngest daughter is married to Mark and Mum to Ben & Charlotte my two adorable youngest grandchildren. Ben is five and Charlotte is four, I get to see them every day as they live just accross the road.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007


I have been wanting to start my blog for ages but now I feel is an ideal time . We have had such good news in the family over the last week, my very talented daughter Sarah has been recognised as the brilliant scrapper that she is and is now one of the designers on Scrapgenie I am so proud. Previously her LOs were accepted on the Basic Greydesign gallery which is also a great achievement, thats not all she was UKS layout of the week last week and has had LOs published in Scrapbook Magazine. Now isn't that something for a mother to be proud of?

This morning I had two LOs accepted on theBasic Grey design gallery which I am showing here. So as you can imagine we are all happy scrappers.


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