"" Moments with Moreen: March 2012

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Rainbows and hearts for Charlotte

Visitors to my blog must wonder why I have not posted recently after saying that I am now  back to normal, well I thought I was and that maybe it was just nerves making me feel faint and afraid to go out by myself or even be left on my own.   I was sure I could conquer those horrible feelings of passing out which would  sometimes knock me to the floor but alas it was not nerves and I had to have a pacemaker fitted urgently as my heart was pausing and beating too slow, I am pleased to say it was very successful and I felt better as soon as I got back to the ward after the op.
I continue to feel so well, I went shopping on my own yesterday and I can't tell you how wonderful it felt to be independent once more.
Enough about that its something I must put behind me after 2 years of suffering those awful fainting sensations, I am now so happy.

I am going to South Africa on 20th March to visit my daughter, I went last year but I was not well at all during my visit so I am looking forward to going now that I can walk around, breath properly and not feel that I am passing out. Its great!

I have been relaxing with my crochet and have made this lovely rainbow afghan for my little grand daughter Charlotte my daughter Sarah and I both made one each for the girls, Sarah made hers for Amy and crocheted the edge in purple which is Amy's favourite colour and mine is pink edging which is Charlotte's favourite colour.

It really is a very girly afghan with  all those lovely hearts and it was a pleasure to crochet.

The original design did not have a border but Sarah and I thought it looked nice and Charlotte and Amy would know whose was whose by the colour of the border.

I hope you will still be visiting my blog as I look forward to your comments they really do get appreciated.

Here is a link to the free pattern
 Take care


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