"" Moments with Moreen: Lets garden with Grandad

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Lets garden with Grandad

It was such a lovely day today and DH spent some time tidying the garden, it was lovely smelling the newly mown grass it made me realize that summer was on the way.
My daughter Sarah popped in with Amy on the way to meet Ben and Charlotte from school, Amy loved running around in the garden and did'nt want to leave but she also didn't want Mummy to go so Sarah promised her she could come back with Ben and Charlotte on the way home.
Well every one wanted to help Grandad and the result was muddy school clothes and shoes,Sarah is so good wth the children she just said it will all clean up Mum and the children are having such a good time.
Here are some photos of the days events.

Ben and Charlotte loved digging in the garden and Amy really enjoyed herself.
Then it was home where Mummy bathed them all straight away before tea.

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Sarah Youde said...

Beautiful photos, I haven't even uploaded mine to my computer yet!


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