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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Baby crochet

As you can see I have really got the crochet bug and I love it.  I have already posted the blue baby afghan in my last post and I liked it so much I decided to crochet it in pink also.

For the little bottees I adapted the pattern and crocheted the tops in the same pattern as the edging on
the afghan. I thought they were so sweet and made a lovely little set.
My friend is expecting a baby girl so she will have the pink one.

I have loved crocheting again and had forgotten how relaxing it can be.

I 've lost count of the many things I have crocheted over the years for myself the children and also for the rest of my family. 
The only things I have crocheted are doyllies I do like to have nice lacy doyllies I know they are a little old fashioned these days but I love them.

I have got more crochet to show you but I will leave that for my next post.

I hope you like my baby crochet and thank you for visiting I hope you will return soon.
Take care


Solstitches said...

Absolutely delightful!
Those little bootees are adorable.

Sarah Youde said...

Gorgeous Mum. Sam is going to love those little booties!

Theresa said...

These are beautiful!!!! The bootees are sooooooo cute!!!!!! Such lovely baby gifts~~

Anonymous said...

Those make adorable sets. I love the idea that the booties match the afghan edging.


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