"" Moments with Moreen: SUCH GOOD NEWS

Tuesday, 15 May 2007


I have been wanting to start my blog for ages but now I feel is an ideal time . We have had such good news in the family over the last week, my very talented daughter Sarah has been recognised as the brilliant scrapper that she is and is now one of the designers on Scrapgenie I am so proud. Previously her LOs were accepted on the Basic Greydesign gallery which is also a great achievement, thats not all she was UKS layout of the week last week and has had LOs published in Scrapbook Magazine. Now isn't that something for a mother to be proud of?

This morning I had two LOs accepted on theBasic Grey design gallery which I am showing here. So as you can imagine we are all happy scrappers.


Sarah (AKA monroegirl) said...

Love your new blog Mum! Those layouts are gorgeous, I told you should submit them somewhere :o)

Carol said...

Ooh, I love your new blog Mum...I shall have to add it to my blogs I visit!

I've always loved both these layouts. It doesn't surprise me that they've been accepted on the Basic Grey Design Gallery...you must be really excited! :o)

scrapdolly said...

Congratulations to both youa nd your daughter
Love the new blog


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