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Monday, 11 June 2007

Fun day out in Cornwall

It's been a busy but enjoyable time here over the last week we had my daughter Sarah's birthday on the 4th, her sister Carol my eldest daughter visited for the day to celebrate with us it was nice once again for us to be together on a special day. I did a little teaparty for Sarah and the little ones. Sarah enjoyed her day and you can find out how much if you visit her blog here.

The weather was mainly bright and sunny last week and we spent most days having fun times in the garden with Ben & Charlotte after Ben got home from school.

Yesterday we went to Cornwall for the day, first we visited Flambards where Ben and Charlotte had a great time on the rides. This is the balloon thet they went up in,they loved it

After spending time on the rides we went to see the Britain in the Blitz experience it felt so real and it made you realize what terrible times our people lived through in those days.

From there we went on to the Victoria Village which again is so realistic you can really get the feel of what it was like. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was glad we went although we didn't get to see it all as our main visit was to go to the beach at Marazion to go across the causeway to St Michaels Mount. When we got there the tide was in too far and by the time it was fully out it had started to rain so we decided against it just incase it worsened. It gives us an excuse to visit again soon.

It was very nostalgic for me as I was born in Marazion and spent all my summers on the beach or across the Mount, my Mother used to work for Lord St Leven who owned the Mount before he handed it over to the National trust. I remember going to the church on St Michaels Mount as a young girl and realising that my pew lifted up, after the service Lord St Leven lifted the seat up to reveal stone steps leading to a dungeon were there were large skeleton bones suppose to have been belonging to the Giant that lived there many years before. I also collected old pennies from holiday makers and laid them along the causeway from the Mount to the beach for the red cross. I remember having a wonderful childhood at Marazion, it was so good to be there yesterday.

These are some of the photos I took of Grandad playing with Ben and Charlotte.

We all had a great time.

When we left Marazion we went to Helston to our favourite fish and chip shop and had some of their lovely fresh cod mmm it was delicious. Then back home all tired and happy.


Sarah (AKA monroegirl) said...

It was a lovely day - shame I stuck a bag in front of my face when you wanted to take a picture of me :o)

Carol said...

Loved looking at your photos and reading about your day out Mum. Looks like Geoff, Ben and Charlotte were having a great time...lol, and I know how much you always enjoy going back to Marazion. Hope to see a scrapbook page or two of St. Michaels Mount soon! :o)


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